Economic Development Authority

About the Economic Development Authority

  • Seven citizen members
  • Review and approve industrial development bonds (tax exempt) issued in Rockingham County for specific purposes that are outlined in State Code
  • Meets as required
    • Must meet at least once a year, usually in December
  • Four year terms
Members Term Expires Election District
Kevin Flint 12/31/2021
Election District 1
Douglas Driver 12/31/2019 Election District 1
Paul Wiseman 12/31/2020 Election District 2
Neil Hayslett 12/31/2021 Election District 3
Nathan Miller 12/31/2020 Election District 4
Timothy Hulings 12/31/2019 Election District 5
Gary Burner 12/31/2018 Election District 5
George Anas Ex-officio

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