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What type of inspections will take place once my permit is issued and I have begun construction?
Inspections of the following will take place:
  • Footer inspection with reinforcement installed, as well as bulkheads, if required (rebar must be elevated 3’ inches off the bottom of the footer)

  • Underfloor plumbing before pouring concrete floor

  • Foundation inspection (4-inch leach bed pipe covered with gravel and silt paper) prior to backfilling (stone must be at least 6 inches above the pipe and 12 inches out from the edge of footings)

  • Plumbing rough-in

  • Mechanical rough-in

  • Electrical rough-in

  • Framing inspection (only done after all plumbing, mechanical, and electrical rough-ins)

  • Insulation inspection

  • Mechanical final

  • Electrical final

  • Building and plumbing final

Community Development - Building Permits

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