Matches & Lighters... Tools, Not Toys!

Dangers of Playing with Matches & Lighters

Each year, thousands of fires start as a result of children playing with matches and lighters.These fires result in a large amount of property loss and even more tragic, they quite often lead to injury or death. By following these simple guidelines we can make our homes and community a safer place to live.

How to Educate Your Child

Children must be taught at an early age that matches and lighters are kept in the home so that adults can do specific jobs.Children should be taught that matches and lighters are tools not toys, and like other tools in the home, it would be dangerous for children to use them.

Parents must not overreact if they find their child having an interest in fire, it is normal.Take time to explain to your child how fire is helpful when used properly, and how harmful it can be when misused.

Keep Matches / Lighters Out of Reach

As parents, we must take steps to protect our children from the dangers of matches and lighters.One easy way is to keep matches and lighters out of the child's strike zone - the area that the child is able to reach.

Remember the old saying, "Out of sight, out of mind."If the matches are always kept where the child can't reach them, they will not be tempted to use them.Children should also be instructed to tell an adult if they see matches lying in the strike zone.

Questions & Additional Information

If you have any questions or would like more information about fire safety, please contact Public Education Officer Lieutenant Will at the Rockingham County Department of Fire and Rescue office at (540) 564-3175.