Farm Building Exemptions

Apply For a Farm Building Exemption

To apply for a farm building exemption, please complete and sign an affidavit for farm building exemption confirming that the proposed building qualifies for the farm structure exemption from the Building Code. Presentation of a false affidavit and failing to obtain a building permit when required constitutes a Building Code violation, punishable by up to a $2,500 fine. Farm building permit fees are 25.00

A qualifying ‘farm building or structure’ is exempt from all Building Code and building inspection requirements except if operated as a restaurant or if lying within a flood plain.
‘Farm building or structure’ means a building or structure not used for residential purposes, located on property where farming operations take place, and used primarily for any of the following uses or combination thereof:
  • Storage, handling, production, display, sampling or sale of agricultural, horticultural, floricultural or silvicultural products produced on the farm
  • Sheltering, raising, handling, processing or sale of agricultural animals or agricultural animal products
  • Business or office uses relating to the farm operations
  • Use of farm machinery or equipment or maintenance or storage of vehicles, machinery or equipment on the farm
  • Storage or use of supplies and materials used on the farm
  • Implementation of best management practices associated with farm operations.