Why did you change systems?
Rockingham County moved to a new online system at the beginning of the year 2014 first and foremost to provide users with a more stable and reliable system to ensure data availability. The need for a faster performing system with additional functionality such as mobile use also influenced this decision. As you can see from the FAQ above, there is a wide array of various uses for the online GIS, each requiring a different approach to interact with the map. While we realize there is no one size fits all solution, we will continue to work with the developer and host to meet these various needs, while continuing to offer and supply additional Rockingham County information and data to enrich user experience.

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1. How can I access the online GIS?
2. Can I access the site on a mobile device or tablet?
3. What is the difference between registered user log in and public access?
4. How do I search for a property?
5. How do I search for a property using the owner's name?
6. How do I search for a property using the tax map number?
7. How do I search for a property using the street address?
8. How do I search if I want to see where an entire street or route number is located?
9. I know approximately where the property is on the map, but do not have a 911 address, owner name, or tax ID
10. How do I find my property card?
11. How do I find information on my property and the properties nearby?
12. How do I find adjacent property owners?
13. How do I print the map?
14. How do I print the map and results?
15. What are these colored polygons?
16. I just want to view aerials, property lines, floodplain, and tax map ID numbers
17. Can I see a picture of the home?
18. What permitted uses, restrictions, or conditions are on my property?
19. Where do I go to vote?
20. What schools will my children attend?
21. Is my property located in the Floodplain?
22. Do you have contour information on your GIS?
23. Why did you change systems?