How do I get a copy of my deed or other real estate document?

There are several ways to request copies of our records. - Online via Secure Remote Access with subscription  - In person - By phone - By mail

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How do I add someone or remove someone from my deed?

To make changes to ownership of property, a new deed will need to be prepared and recorded in the Clerk’s Office where the property is located. Pursuant to § 17.1-223(B), a deed conveying residential property containing not more than four residential dwelling units will state on the first page of the document that it was prepared by the owner of the real property or by an attorney licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth where such statement by an attorney shall include the name and Virginia State Bar number of the attorney who prepared the deed. We recommend seeing an attorney familiar with Virginia law to prepare the deed so that it is prepared properly.  All deeds have to meet all standards within the Code of Virginia and the Library of Virginia Recordation Standards.

Where are documents for the City of Harrisonburg recorded?

The Rockingham County Clerk's Office records all documents for the County of Rockingham and the City of Harrisonburg.

My document was returned because it didn’t have an exemption code referenced. Where do I find exemption codes?

Exemption codes are found within the Code of Virginia. There are several different sections of the Code for exemptions depending on the circumstances and the document type. Please see the Code of Virginia to determine the section that applies to your document, if any, and reference it on the first page of the document. You can use the Exemption Code Guide also to help. On some documents, two exemptions codes may be required as deeds have two types of taxes and a separate code may be required for each type (Grantor and Grantee). If an exemption code does not apply, a consideration will need to be shown on the first page of the document for which recordation taxes will be based on.  

I received a copy of my credit report and there is a judgment listed that is not mine or a judgment is not marked paid when it has been paid. What do I do?

Our office does not report any information to the credit bureaus. If a judgment is on your credit report and you feel that it is incorrect, you would need to contact the credit bureau(s) to remove it. If a judgment is not marked paid on a credit report and it has been released in our office, you can request a copy of the release from our office for you to send to the credit bureau(s) to update their records.

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Do you require a Land Records Cover Sheet for recordings?

Our office does not require the Land Records Cover Sheet; if one is provided, it will count as a page of the document for determining the Clerk's fee.