Absentee Voting

How to Vote Absentee

By Mail:
To receive an absentee ballot in the mail, complete the  absentee ballot application form. After mailing your voted absentee ballot, you can follow its status through the Virginia Election and Registration Information website. Simply click on "Citizen Portal" to enter your registration information to confirm its delivery.
In Person:
An absentee ballot may also be cast by visiting the voter registrar’s office in the locality where you are registered. Be sure to bring a valid voter identification with you.
You may also apply for an absentee ballot online by visiting the Department of Elections website. Enter your information under the "Registered Voter" section. Once your voter registration is confirmed, you will be asked if you would like to apply for an absentee ballot. You will then follow the prompts as directed.


When to Vote Absentee

By Mail:
Voters who submit the absentee ballot application will be mailed their absentee ballot approximately 45 days prior to a November General Election or party primary and as soon as available for a Special Election. The last day to submit the application is the Tuesday prior to the election.
In Person:
In person absentee voting at your local voter registrar’s office will begin approximately 45 days prior to a November general election or party primary and as soon as available for a special election. The last day to vote in person is the Saturday prior to the election.


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