Commercial Building Permit

To apply for any commercial building permit, submit digital plans through the online portal  or email directly to Building Services. If digital copies are unavailable, fill out the application below and visit the front desk of the building division to submit your plans and supporting documents.  

Permit Requirements - Review Permit Requirements before applying 

Commercial Building Permit Application 

Prior to project design, review jurisdictional Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria Data. Commercial plan review, depending on size and scope of project, requires a minimum of 15 business days to complete. All construction plans and specifications are required to be prepared by a registered design professional.  

All commercial construction and development projects are subject to a site plan review through the Department of Engineering. The size and scope of the project will determine if a Minor Site Plan  or a Major Site Plan is required. 

If the property lies within town limits, zoning approval will be required from the town prior to applying for a building permit. To determine if your property is located within a town, please visit Rockingham County’s GIS Map