Community Development

Functions & Responsibilities

The department of Community Development is responsible for reviewing, developing, and enforcing plans that reflect the County's interest in the preservation of the environment, the provision of efficient public facilities and services, the provision of diverse housing opportunities, and the effective utilization of the County's land resources.

The Department consists of a number of functional areas that are interdependent and mutually supportive.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services
Access Rockingham County map data including property information, roads and streets, election districts, State Senate and Delegate boundaries, floodplain, zoning, and land use maps.

Planning & Zoning 
  • View information required for the submission and review of your site development plans and plats.
  • Learn more about the County’s overall vision for its future as reflected by a County-wide plan, known as the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Access the County’s subdivision and zoning information which defines how property can be used and what can be built based on its zoning classification.

Environmental Services 
Access information on Erosion and Sediment Control, Stormwater Management, Floodplain Management, and associated plan and permit requirements for development.

Building Services – Permitting, Inspections, and Enforcement
Access building construction and remodeling information as it relates to building plan review, permit issuance, and the inspection of buildings and structures during the construction phase.

Transportation Planning
Access information outlining the County’s short-term and long range vehicular and pedestrian plans.

Economic Development
Access information outlining why our area is a match for the expansion of existing businesses or the relocation for new businesses.

View information that addresses your travel needs. Our area is a must-see destination that boasts diverse outdoor recreation, thriving cultural attractions, vibrant and inviting small towns, numerous historical attractions and farm-to-table dining opportunities.