Addition Permit

Submitted plans for a permit to add on to an existing structure must comply with plan review requirements

Additions must meet the setbacks set forth by the County’s Zoning Ordinance . If the property is within a planned zoning district , the Property Owners Association (POA), or other governing body, regulates the setbacks. An approval letter from the POA must be provided to the County at time of application for building permit. To verify your property’s zoning classification, please visit the Rockingham County GIS Map 

When bedrooms are being added and the home is supplied by well and septic, a Safe, Adequate, and Proper Designation or a Construction Permit from the Health Department , showing that the septic system is designed to support the additional flow, will be required. 

If the property is located within town limits, the town will administer all zoning and related regulations. To determine if your property is located within a town, please visit Rockingham County’s GIS Map

Building and related permits can be applied for in person or by using the online portal. To best prepare, have all supporting documents complete before applying.