The zoning division administers the zoning ordinance  and subdivision ordinance, including responding to land-use complaints and assisting with land-use applications. The County zoning ordinance defines how property in each zoning district can be used and what can be built. It outlines procedures for establishing and expanding businesses and for obtaining permits, such as Special Use Permits and Home Business Permits. It also establishes a method for requesting to change a property’s zoning district, known as rezoning. The current zoning of a property can be found on the County’s GIS Map

Amendments to the zoning ordinance are adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Municode, a company that codifies ordinances, may take several months to update the ordinance online. In addition to searching the official zoning ordinance, always search the Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Codified.

 Zoning verification letters detailing site specific conditions and requirements of a property are available through the County’s Zoning division. The fee for a zoning verification letter is $50. To request a Zoning Verification Letter, please submit your request to the Zoning Administrator. 

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