Board of Zoning Appeals

About the Board of Zoning Appeals

  • Five members - recommended by Board of Supervisors and appointed by Circuit Court
  • Hears appeals on zoning cases
  • Meets at 6:00 pm, first Tuesday of each month as needed
  • Five year terms

MembersTerm ExpiresElection District
George Randolph "Randy" Whitmore, Jr.6/30/2024Election District 1
Keith Hurst6/30/2026Election District 2
Jon. D. Ritenour6/30/2025Election District 3
Michael Harvey6/30/2023Election District 4
Charles E. Dean6/30/2027Election District 5

If you would like the Board to consider you for appointment to this or any of the committees, boards, commissions, etc., please email Jessica Kilby

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