Special Use Permits

Zoning district regulations list uses that are allowed as a matter of right, and a list of uses that are allowed only by special use permit. Uses allowed only by special use permit are those considered to have a potentially greater impact upon neighboring properties or the public than those uses permitted in the district as a matter of right.

 The special use permit process usually takes about eight weeks from time of application submittal. However, the time can vary, depending on when the required public hearings can be scheduled.

 Special Use Permit Process: 

  1. Meeting with the zoning administrator to determine if the use qualifies for a special use permit. 
  2. Applicant participation in a recommended Pre-application Meeting to receive early input from County and agency staff. (Contact the Department of Community Development for more information and scheduling.)
  3. Submission of complete application.
  4. Staff and agency application review and comments from the County departments of Building, Engineering, Planning, Fire & Rescue, Public Works, Environmental, Zoning, Economic Development, and Public Schools; Virginia Department of Health (VDH); and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Other applicable agencies may be contacted, if needed.
  5. Notification letters of public hearing mailed to adjoining landowners.
  6. Special use permit sign placed on property in public view and drone video taken for use in public hearing presentation.
  7. Public hearing advertisement placed in the local newspaper.
  8. Board of Supervisors public hearing*, review, and final special use permit determination. The decision to approve or deny the special use permit request is ultimately determined by the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors. 

*The applicant, or representative, is encouraged to attend related public hearing.

Pre-application Form

Special Use Permit Application