Public Utility Infrastructure Inspections

The construction of all public utility infrastructure is inspected by County staff on a regular basis to ensure compliance with approved site plans. These Inspections consist of verifying that the appropriate approved county materials are used and correctly installed by the contractor.  Testing of installed material is performed to ensure compliance with the County’s Design and Construction Standards Manual.   Additionally, construction sites are inspected for safe working conditions. The following is a detailed list of inspection services performed by County staff:

  • Development site plan review
  • Material selection verification
  • Pre-construction coordination
  • Underground utility locating of County infrastructure (Virginia 811 – “Miss Utility”)
  • Utility installation verification
  • Utility integrity testing
  • Post-construction inspections
  • Asset acquisition
  • Fire hydrant flow testing
  • Photographic and written documentation


Rockingham County Design and Construction Standards Manual 

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