Community Criminal Justice Board

About the Harrisonburg / Rockingham Community Criminal Justice Board

  • Responsible for implementation of Comprehensive Community Corrections Act for Local Responsible Offenders and the Pretrial Services Act
  • Meets Quarterly.

Members Statutory Membership
The Honorable Bruce D. Albertson, Judge
Rockingham County Circuit Court
Judge of the Circuit Court
The Honorable John S. Hart, Judge
Rockingham County General District Court
Judge of the General District Court
The Honorable Anthony Bailey, Judge
Rockingham County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
Judge of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
*Rick Chandler
Rockingham County Board of Supervisors
Rockingham County Governing Body
 **Laura Dent
City of Harrisonburg
Harrisonburg City Council
Celest D. Williams, Director
Harrisonburg/Rockingham County Social Services
Department of Social Services
Chaz W. Haywood
Rockingham County Circuit Court
Clerk of Circuit Court
Bryan Hutcheson, Sheriff
Rockingham County Sheriff's Department
Sheriff of Rockingham County/Regional Jail Administrator
Dr. Oskar Scheikl, Superintendent
Rockingham County Public Schools
Local Educator
Marsha L. Garst
Commonwealth's Attorney
Attorney for the Commonwealth
Gene Hart, Esquire Public Defender/Criminal Defense
Monica Martin, Chief Magistrate
26th Judicial District
Chief Magistrate of the 26th Judicial District
Stephen King, Administrator
Rockingham County
Rockingham County Administrator/Executive
Ellen Harrison
Executive Director, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board
Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board
Dr. Michael G Richards, Superintendent
Harrisonburg City Public Schools
 Harrisonburg City Public Schools
Kelley Warner, Chief of Police
City of Harrisonburg Chief of Police
City of Harrisonburg Chief of Police
 Eric Campbell, City Manager
Harrisonburg City Manager
City of Harrisonburg 
Anthony Matos, Chief of Police
James Madison University Chief of Police
James Madison University 
 Frank Sottaceti - Staff
Rockingham-Harrisonburg Criminal Justice Planner
 Rockingham-Harrisonburg Criminal Justice PlannerI

** Vice-Chairperson

If you would like the Board to consider you for appointment to this or any of the committees, boards, commissions, etc., please email Jessica Kilby